Recording Studio

The studio is a 16 x 22 room designed for off the floor recording with excellent natural acoustics as the entire house is wood frame sitting on wooden piers with an 90 year old pine floor. The recording system is powered by Digital Performer which I have been using since 1985 when MOTU released its first MIDI software Performer and I bought my first Macintosh computer. The 3 interfaces listed below allow simultaneous recording of 18 mic channels and 8 line channels for a total of 26 channels at 24 bit 44.1kHz. The Behringer Xenyx 1202FX sitting on the Casio XW-P1 is for mixing the keyboards, conga/bongo mic and trumpet mic for live use and recording mixing.

Computer Recording System

Macbook Pro 16GB memory 500GB SSD and 2GB Seagate backup drive. 27" Dell HD external display. MOTU 828MK11, 2 x MOTU 8pre, MOTU Micro Lite Yorkville YSMP1 nearfield monitors, Behringer Xenyx 1202FX.


Digital Performer 11.04 MOTU MX4, MOTU BPM 1.51 w/Akai MDP18, Strum GS-2, Korg M1VST, Oberheim OBXD, Toast 17, Sonivox Vocalizer


Kurzweil PC88mx, Casio XW-P1, Hammond XK2, Ensoniq ESQ-1 Plus, Novation Mininova, 1906 Heintzman upright grand piano

Sound Systems

Surround sound system w/Bose and Yamaha speakers. 2 x RSC 3 way bass reflex studio monitors. PA system 2 x Yorkville 520P 550w 12' woofer 2 x 6 horn powered cabinets, Yorkville LS200P powered subwoofer


3 x Audio Technica AT 4033a studio mics, 2 x Shure SM57,  Shure WH20 headset mic, Shure SM35-XLR headset mic, Nady UHF-3 wireless headset and handheld mic system, various handheld cardoid, dynamic, condenser and boundary mics.

Lighting System

Fender Sunn PLC 816 16 channel MIDI mixer, 4 x Fender Sun PS 300 4 channel 600w MIDI power supplies, 16 x PAR 38 cans with 150w comparable LED lights.