This is the only music teaching facility that teaches performance. As a musician and performer with over 40 years experience, I have learned and nurtured performance skills by my myself and working with and observing the many performers that I have worked with as a sideman and musical director. Just like taking music lessons, there are both technical and musical elements to performance, but performance also incorporates emotion and the individual personality of the performer.

All performance lessons incorporate the studio floor becoming the stage with full PA and lighting when appropriate.


This becomes a development of their personality and style they want to present on stage, along with all the logistics of each song:

- where to go on the stage during a song choreography

- what to say if anything to introduce the song

- mic technique and mic stand control and positioning

The flow of the song is everything and all these elements must be considered and rehearsed to look and feel natural both for the entertainer and the audience. If this is a set then what happens in between songs is also choreographed physically and vocally.

Singer Keyboardists

My Kurzweil PC88mx is positioned on an X keyboard stand with a boom mic in the centre of the room. Mic technique is when you're sitting and playing is no different than when you're holding a mic in your hand other than the fact you use your proximity from the mic with your body other than your hand.

Singer Guitarist

This discipline is to develop a balance of the instrument with the voice. This is to make singers aware of the relationship between the dynamic volume of their instrument and their voice. Although in a live setting singer-guitarists will be mic'd and balanced in the mix and monitors, it is important for the singer to have a balanced relationship with their voice and their instrument as this will ultimately show in the mix.

Guitar Brass Woodwind Soloist

An more intimate setting when unaccompanied or with bed tracks this requires discipline of examination and projection of both instrument and image.

Ultimately all this training will make a performer feel more at ease with their performance and the flow of their set.

Live Events

Once an artist is comfortable with their show, I make arrangements with a local venue for the real thing! You can practice all you want but performing in a venue in front of family and friends puts it all together and a big stamp on your confidence.