Music Lessons - all lessons are now available online

All lessons are $25 for 1/2 hour lesson $50 for 1 hour lesson. All lessons are recorded and an MP3 is emailed to the student after the lesson is finished. This allows the student to study their lesson which accelerates their growth and understanding of our communication and their performance during their lesson.

Piano Lessons 1/2 hour

Technical exercises consisting of scales, triads, dominant and diminshed 7th chords played solid and broken, chromatic, octaves and Hanon exercises. Generally takes up 8-10 minutes of the lesson.

Songs can come from lesson books or once a student has advanced beyond a grade 2 level can find songs at their level in any genre.

Vocal & Instrument Lessons Level One 1/2 hour

- Includes email MP3 exercises and custom changes to students' range.

- Includes mixing recordings done during the lesson session and email MP3 files.

- Includes remixing General MIDI files that are found free on the internet or purchased by client.

- Includes email separate MP3 bed track and MP3 with student playing/singing over bed track.

Vocal & Instrument Lessons Level Two 1 hour

- one hour minimum

- Includes everything in Level One plus:

- Writing MIDI arrangements for songs desired by student that are not available

- Composition and arranging studies including lyric writing and composing via piano, students instrument and MIDI in conjunction with students voice and/or instrument(s).

                                                        Unique Teaching Techniques

For Complex Songs

I have a piano/vocal student has been struggling playing and singing Adia by Sarah McLachlan. The sheet music is 7 pages and the chords are complex.  She was having problems navigating the sheet music so as a professional keyboardist that has to learn complex songs I am used to writing what I call a roadmap to break down the arrangement.

Here's the sheet musicewExternalFiles/Adia%20sheet%20music.pdf  

Here's my roadmap ewExternalFiles/Adia%20roadmap.pdf

The student was thrilled that this complex song was put into a format that was easIy to follow and understand.

Singing And When To Play Accompianment

When learning to accompany yourself and sing a song it's important to understand when to change chords. With Hallelujah, the student had already learned to sing the song to bed tracks, so now it was time to simplify the arrangement to the lyrics so I wrote the chords where they change directly under the word.ewExternalFiles/Hallelujah%20words%20and%20chords.pdf

Bass and Guitar 1/2 hour

Being an orchestrator and songwriter I understand and love bass lines. I'll teach you technical exercises the same as piano so you can understand where you are going and how to get there. I'll also have you study the greats such as Paul McCartney and James Jamerson. Bass drives the song and I will help you understand why and how to do it.

Performance 1 hour

The studio converts to a sound stage implementing full PA and MIDI lighting system where the songs, movement and dialogue are choreographed. For keyboardists/singers Kurzweil PC88mx is set up with vocal mic on boom stand.

Live Event

Full PA including wireless mics and MIDI lighting system can be provided for the event with the rate negotiable based on distance to event, length of performance and lighting programming.

Writing and arranging is incrementally charged by the ½ hour.

Lessons and books are paid at the end of each lesson.

All arranged lesson times require minimum 24 hour notice to change and/or cancel.

Video can be arranged. Please enquire for quotation.

All lessons are $25 for 1/2 hour lesson $50 for 1 hour lesson. All lessons are recorded and an MP3 is emailed to the student

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